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Check Out What Does an ArcheAge Car Look Like

The news of ArcheAge of English Version is rare. I am really not sure if the makers are going to release this game in English for US and EU players. But still expecting.
Today I would like to share a picture with you of an ArcheAge Car.
The Korean MMO maker, presumably hard at work collaborating with Trion to westernize its ArcheAge sandbox opus, has published what can only be termed a curious gameplay video to its official YouTube channel.

The clip features car racing and a number of spiffy looking hot rods, which normally wouldn't raise any eyebrows if they weren't located smack dab in the middle of a feudalized high fantasy world that, up until now, has featured sailing ships, horses, and low-tech gliders as its primary forms of transportation. It's hard to tell what's under the hood on these babies -- maybe it's some sort of steampunkish propulsion system -- but one thing's for sure: We can't make this stuff up.
Well, I would still want to know more about the stuffs of ArcheAge. And I am sure I will buy a lot of ArcheAge Gold once the English Version is released.