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Where Can I Buy Marvel Heroes Cash or Gold?

The release date of Marvel Heroes is around the corner, have you got ready to play this game? Well, in the summer vacation, you will not be bored because of Marvel Heroes online.
What is the in game currency name of Marvel Heroes? Some people said it is called Marvel Heroes Cash, and some people said it is called Marvel Heroes Gold. Well, so far, the official has not disclosed any information about its game currency. But there is one thing can be made sure is that its game currency can be used for a variety of in-game store items, primarily other heroes and alternate costumes, but also temporary experience and item find boosts. They have ensured every Founders Pack gives you enough in-game currency to allow you to buy a hero and other items, depending on which you choose.

Then another question comes out? How much the game currency in the founder’s package will after the game is launched? The official answered it will depend on what you want to buy. However, as a general rule, every allocation of in-game currency for each Founders Pack will allow you to buy more than one hero or costume. In the case of the Premium and Ultimate Packs, you will be able to buy a number of heroes, costumes and other items from the start of the game.
Ok, so it seems that if you want to get enough game currency of Marvel Heroes, you will have to buy a founders package. That’s a lot; guess I will have to save money from now on to buy a founder’s package and then I will still need to buy the Marvel Heroes Power leveling so that my characters can be leveled up faster.