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How to obtain Marvel Heroes Gs in game

It seems you can only buy Marvel Heroes Gs using the real money on Marvel Heroes official website at present. But soon there will be many other ways to purchase it.
Marvel Heors will be available for Mac and PC on release, though the beta is PC only at this point. It’s being developed by David Brevik at Gazillion Entertainment, the folks behind the equally free-to-play Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. According to the press materials, Gazillion has secured the rights to use all 8,000 Marvel characters in Marvel Heroes, though as of writing, only 26 are known to appear — this includes Thor, Hulk, Human Torch, Spider-Man, and Daredevil. The story, such as it is, is written by well-regarded comic book author Brian Michael Bendis and deals with Doctor Doom stealing The Cosmic Cube in order to, well, rule the world.

I ran through the Raft tutorial mission, blasting generic HYDRA henchmen with my two magic bolt attacks, clicking along the ground to run through the maze of generic-looking corridors. I hacked and slashed and lobbed generic barrels at bad guys. At the end of the tutorial, I totally killed Green Goblin. I’m guessing he’s not down for good, though. The fight was a bit too easy for so final a result.
With my publisher-provided credits, I bought Ben Grimm, Iron Man, and Storm of X-Men fame. As The Thing, I punched, face slammed, and ground pounded my way through more mobs of generics. As soon as I started playing as Iron Man, though, Iron Man showed up again. We were a pair of Iron Men, blasting generic henchmen with our repulsor beams. I can’t wait till there are more people online, as I can totally see an entire guild of Iron Men rolling down the street, blasting generic henchmen or taking on an iconic super villain like Electro.
The characters are indeed iconic, but aside from in-game one liners that vary in quality, there’s not much about your avatar that is any different from a dozen other games out there. Well, if you do not want to waste your money on buying Marvel Heroes Cash, you can just earn it in game.