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My feeling about Playing Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes has been there for many days, I tried playing it for some time, and I spent a lot of marvel heroes gs to buy the items and other stuffs.
Once you have got your character, it's time for the first cut-scene explaining the story-line. The cut-scenes are lo-fi, comic styled ones and I liked them a lot. As you progress through the story there are some great scenes - I love the Taskmaster Institute video, it's been a highlight for me so far.
The mini-map does well to ensure you know which direction you're going whilst still giving you plenty of scope to explore. Fights are fairly fluid and there are enough different animations to keep things pretty interesting. There are some good spontaneous comments by NPCs to add to the atmosphere, and graphically I like a lot of the areas I've seen so far, though like any isometric game there's always a little bit of a same-same feel in some areas.

Like many isometric games you use your mouse to move and fight - your left and right mouse buttons get plenty of love. You live and die by your health and spirit levels. Spirit is used when deploying any non-basic fight moves and your health bar declines with every hit you take and doesn't replenish in any way unless you use a Med Kit, pick up a piece of gear with health regeneration or one of your foes drops a health blob to walk over. Sound familiar?
All MMOs depend on social features to a large extent and Marvel Heroes has the bases covered. The event bosses are good fun, though once you get more than half a dozen heroes fighting it all becomes a clicking blur, with your enemy very difficult to pick out on the fray.
Boss fights are fun but generally challenging as the dozen or so I've done all have some unique fight mechanics that take some working out. That said, I've only died once when fighting bosses, so it's not too arduous either.
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