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Marvel Heroes Guide

This Article helps you learn some knowledge of Marvel Heroes leveling, it will help you to level your account easily and quickly. Highlights of the Marvel Heroes Strategy Guide:
A no-nonsense chapter jam-packed with exclusive leveling tips and tricks for serious gamers to hit the level cap in just 7 days or less
Get a complete rundown of every chapter in Marvel Heroes including endgame content
Read through the expert's take where to assign skill points into building successful talents and rotations
An all exclusive how-to crafting guide boosting your heroes' offenses and defenses tenfold
Dissect the pros and cons of every hero to find the hero that's right for you
Learn how to make copious amounts of sweet Credits designed to double your income flow by 50%
Successfully dominate PvP with terrifying tactics proven to work for solo and group settings

Leveling Up: Don't know how to efficiently level to hit the level cap under 7 days? By referring to the ultimate Marvel Heroes Guide, the chapter teaches you tantalizing leveling tactics which are overlooked but are in fact, extremely effective. The experts pinpoint you to locations with the highest mob encounters and coupled with exceptional combat references, gaining EXP will be easier and most rewarding. We'll give you all the tools you need to boost your hero to the level cap under 7 days flat equipped with the best gear, talents and rotations. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions and your hero will be walking amongst the elites in no time!

Detailed Walkthrough: Are you a first time hero and you want to complete your objectives at a breakneck pace? Now you can. Contained within the unofficial Marvel Heroes manual is a complete walkthrough of the game from prologue to endgame content. Discover the tasks required to be accomplished by each individual hero and discover secret locations to earn more EXP, Credits and crafting materials overlooked by others. For players who want to speed through the game to reach endgame content, we'll make it possible! Couple with effective leveling strategies and dead accurate walkthroughs, the experts provide you an insight what to expect at the endgame content and how you can exploit it.

Talent Build Set-ups: Unsure where to slot your skill points to avoid hazardous build screw ups? To avoid seriously screwing up talent builds, we recommend you the supreme Marvel Heroes reference book, advising you how to create foolproof talent builds right from the start. Provided in the book are advantageous customized builds to draw out hidden potentials for each of hero. The builds are meticulously designed through extensive experimentation bringing you cutting-edge builds, unlike any you've seen.

Crafting: Has crafting in Marvel Heroes turned into a migraine inducing conundrum? Look out for specific blue glowing mobs to earn crafting materials you need to craft stat boosting equipment and items, You may need some Marvel Heroes Gs by the way. If you're looking for the ultimate how-to crafting guide for Marvel Heroes, we list out everything you need to quickly earn molecules and atoms to craft legendary armor sets jam-packed with beneficial stats for each hero.

Pros and Cons of Each Hero Explained: Do you want to know what the benefits of each hero before investing in them? With a myriad of over 20 heroes, each hero contains their own sets of pros and cons players should be aware of. Featured in the guide is a mini-strategy manual explaining the details of each hero to couple with your playstyle. We weigh in which heroes are best for ranged or melee featuring input from the Marvel Heroes compendium. Also if that's not enough, each hero features their own personalized starting build and rotations to help you get started from the get-go.

Making Credits: Do you imagine yourself with pockets overloading with Credits? We do! The author of the guide has made a name for himself becoming one of the wealthiest moguls in the game. Applying his unique Credit earning strategies, he was able to rake in a fortune and is now exposing his Credit making strategies for the first time! There are ample amounts of hints to be used from the unofficial Marvel Heroes booklet to ensure your money problems will be a thing of the past.
Dominate PvP: Looking for the right build, rotation and gear set-ups to dominate PvP? Before heading into PvP, take a look at the Marvel Heroes PvP tactics featured in this guidebook first. Difficulties in fights are reduced by explaining how to take down even the best players in the game applying unique, killer strategies proven to work. Each method is designed for solo and group settings preparing you for a victorious road ahead. Get specific pro-gamer maneuvers how to annihilate the competition propelling you to become one of game's top-notch tacticians in Marvel Heroes.
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