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Marvel Heroes Tips and Tricks for Iron Man

Marvel heroes has come out and people are using Marvel heroes gs to buy items and charactors. Well, if you are going to play Iron man, then you’d better read the following tips.
Marvel Heroes Iron Man has many skills that make him a great choice to use as a character. His starting powers include Repulsor Blast, Pulse Bolt, and Reserve Power. Repulsor Blast can deal rapid damage with no spirit cost. Pulse Bolt has higher damage and deals damage to all enemies surrounding the initial target, but has a slower firing rate and consumes Spirit points. Reserve Power gives your character more Spirit points determined by what rank the skill is. At level two you gain the power Force Shield. This allows your avatar to suck up 50% of the damage dealt to him. The shield’s capacity starts at 200 damage but as your rank increases so does the capacity.

After you gain the ability of Hyper-Velocity Charge, it sends you straight through enemies with the use of your jet boots and force shield. The enemies in contact are knocked back which gives you the opportunity to hit them hard or escape if you happen to be in too deep. Repulsor Barrage is unlocked at level 4 and allows for a rapid fire repulsor blasts. This can be very deadly to enemies but be careful about using up all of your Spirit points. You may need them later when you get into a tough situation.
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