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What you can do with Marvel Heroes Gs

Marvel Heroes has come out for about a week time, in the past one week, Marvel Heroes Gs has become the hot products during the players.
But what you can do with MH Gs? Gs is the in-game currency of Marvel Heroes. According to the policy of the official, you can buy the gs from them directly and then spend the gs in game
With the Marvel heroes gs, you can buy a lot of stuffs in the game. Like items and companions and mounts. But if you buy gs on its official site, it will cost more than buying gs directly on some Marvel Heroes gs vendors. That’s why most of the players choose to buy from normal Gs sellers.

At the present, the gs price is a little bit high because this game is still a new one. With the time passing, I am sure the gs price will go down and then you can use little money to buy a lot of gs.
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