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F2P Isn't a Charity

For some, it seems the notion of developers wanting to make any money on Free-to-Play games is a ludicrous idea. In this week's column, we discuss the fact that F2P games, while free, aren't a actually a charity.
The point in all this is that it takes money to actually create and support these games, especially for a smaller studio like Gazillion. None of this sort of complaining is unique to Marvel Heroes, of course, but it just continues to grind my gears that there are some players that don’t seem to understand that while these games are free – they are still a product and a business. Yes, they want to make money off of you. This isn’t a secret, nor is it insidious.
Missing the point, Michael. $30 on two games that you get the entirety of, or $12 for just one character that's one part of the game. That's the complaint. By the time you spend the money to get the hero you like and the massive amounts of storage you need, you're set back quite a bit of money. If the hero you like is $20, let alone if you'd like more than one hero (because MMOs where you play as only one character forever are rare), you're set back even more. Before long you've spent 2-3 times as much as you'd have spent just dropping $60 on a normal game and getting less for your buck as well.
That is the complaint. Not what it is up front, but what it becomes overall. Not what it is now, but what is bodes for the future. These are things people are concerned about, even if they aren't articulating it quite properly.
I personally am enjoying the game but I won't be spending money beyond what I have already (on a starter pack to get Jean, one of my favorites) because of those prices. Were they more reasonable, I'd have dropped $100 or more getting my favs and some costumes, but because of what they're asking, I don't feel like I'm getting a good value for my money. That's my personal opinion, and as its my money I am very much entitled to deciding where it goes, if nothing else.
Since 2009 I have easily spent over $200 on LoL. Not of my own money, but mostly gift cards I got for holidays. I only buy champs on sale and had bought the bundles from back in the day (81 champs currently). I don't regret it in the least, however, that's a lot of damn money on one game either way, Because I bought much Marvel Heroes Gs when playing.
If you want everything in LoL, in my experience you wind up having to pony up cash at some point. I've been playing again daily since November (2 hrs a day maybe on avg) and all my IP winds up going to runes. I am just about to finish getting the last few that are useful. The amount of runes you need if you play more than one role is outrageous.

Bringing it back to Marvel Heroes - sure it's just $12 that's not so much money, but as another poster suggested you're basically only purchasing a piece of the game rather than an entire game at that price. For that matter, if you think about it you're really only purchasing a game piece (like a Knight from chess or a 40k miniature) and the total cost that all comes out to when it's said and done is frequently more than just buying a game flatout and calling it a day.
*Please note I'm not knocking the model at all. I regret none of the money I've spent on LoL. I'm just pointing out in the long run it might wind up costing a lot more than simply buying a game.
The issue is more so what is offered as far as an advantage and the amount MORE you spend then say a traditional MMO.
Unfortunately, in a lot of cases the gameplay experience itself SUFFERS for the sake of trying to nickle and dime the user, dragging down the 'fun' by making things vastly more grindy.
Personally, I feel if you are going to 'force' players to buy stuff (which honestly I don't mind if its done in a reasonable manor) it should be for the sake of either giving access permanently or through subscription. It tends to be the most 'fair' and isn't about raking in far more cash from the user. Otherwise, keep it to cosmetics, ideally with prices that aren't ridiculous for the sake of getting more buyers and possibly ones willing to switch up styles.
I have no problem fronting some cash towards a game I enjoy so long as I'm not being 'forced' to get anywhere. I honestly never minded DDO (and how you could even earn 'cash' for the game) and its style and I'm sure theres plenty of ways to improve on it, focusing more on cosmetics and giving a fuller experience without having to limit as much stuff.Now, if you want to buy Marvel Heroes Gs you can come to KFCGOLD right now, we are preparing huge amount of gold for you now, you can visit our store any time, it will be available to you.