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I am waiting for WildStar Online to be Launched

A lot of online games will come outin this summer. Runescape 3 and Wildstar online are the two of them. Wildstar gold and runescape 3 gold will surely be very popular after they are launched.
But I have decided to play wildstar online then. Why is that?
The first reason is there are many professions in Wildstar online. You can choose any profession you like for your character; different profession has different appearance, skill and quests. So it will be very interesting to play.
The 2nd reason is Wildstar is a free mmorpg game, you do not need to buy membership to play it. You can totally play this game for free. But if you want to buy game items direcly without trying to obtain bu yourself in game, then you will need to pay by the real money to get them.

Reason 3: Wildstar is in 3D version, and its graphics is very amazing. You feel that you are in the real world when you play that game. And the main color of this game is in purple which makes this game a mysterious one. It is really enjoyable to play this game.
Reason 4: The game will be expanded time by time. Since it is a new game, so many players will soon reach the the highest level, then what should they do? But it is not a problem, because the game will be expanded, thus you can always have the new quest and environment to play.
Reason 5: The developer and publisher of this gameare the very famous one. The developer is Carbine and the publisher is Ncsoft. If you are a game fan, you must know them because they are really cool.
Will you also play WildStar as I do? Try it now because it is really a cool game. And I will buy wildstar power leveling to save time. If you join playing, I will add you as my friend in game.