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What can you do with Marvel Heroes Gs

As we know, Marvel Heroes will launch on June 4, so there are only 2 days remaining. Are you exciting now? Ready to buy Marvel Heroes Gs to equip your heroes?
But what you can do with MH Gs? MH Gs is the in-game currency of Marvel Heroes. According to the news from MH official site, you can now only buy the Gs from them and the price is not low though.

With the MH gs, you can buy a lot of stuffs in the game. Like items and characters. We will do an investigation after the game is launched and try to see how we can deliver the MH Gs to you. And We will make sure that our sale price will be cheaper than its official site.
So dear all, please just wait quietly. We will also do marvel heroes power leveling after it is launched. Please keep looking at our site and we will add more and more marvel heroes products in the near future.