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Why Dr. Doom is selected as the main villain in Marvel

If you have read the new on marvel heroes official site, you must know the marvel heroes gs is its in-game currency, and Dr. Doom is the main villain.
Dr.Doom’s actions could create a domino effect or butterfly effect all the way down and all the way up to Thor. He seemed perfect for it. He’s also like the quintessential Marvel villain. He’s the A-list guy, as we were discussing that this storyline of the game really feels legitimate, not that the Leader or something wouldn’t be cool, but it doesn’t get more bad ass than Dr. Doom. There a lot of levels to it and a lot of layers. You can kind of see why he has gone crazy or what makes him tick and it just seemed perfect. There wasn’t even a, I don’t even remember having a discussion on anyone who would fit the bill. He just seemed absolutely perfect.

They were nice enough to invite me up to PAX. My daughter wanted to come to the convention because she had never been to a game convention, and so we come up and my daughter was sitting up in the first row. I was up on stage, and the people were filling in. My daughter hears behind her this guy saying to his girlfriend, “I know they are announcing a new character today, and if it’s Squirrel Girl, I am out of here.” The girlfriend goes, “What?”
He goes, “I don’t want Squirrel Girl; I don’t want it. If we see Squirrel Girl, everyone will be happy and I’ll be mad.”And so my daughter is like, “Wow this guy’s mad.” This guy is in the second row and waited in line, waiting to get into the panel, and I don’t know any of this is going on at the time. Then they announce ‘Squirrel Girl’ and they put up the thing and the whole place goes crazy.
All this applause and this guy behind my daughter goes, “That’s it. I’m out of here,” and stood up and left.The girlfriend says, “Well I want to watch the rest of the panel.”
He says “Nope, we’re leaving,” and they left.
My daughter goes, “What was that?”
I go, “Sweetie, that was your first introduction to nerd rage. You’re going to find it eventually in the life we lead, and that’s what it was.”
She goes, “But he left. He waited to get into the panel, then he left. He didn’t get to see all the cool stuff.”
I go, “Yeah, that’s it.” So I just thought that’s what this game has brought to my family. Thank you. Then I had to explain to my daughter that the guy, whoever he is, is probably on the beta for the game. He’s probably already played it. You know as mad as he was, he’s probably playing the game, playing every character but Squirrel Girl.
So now you should know why the Dr.Doom has been selected as the main villain. Just wait the June 4 and enjoy then!