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Marvel Heroes is opening in few hours, ready to buy Marvel Heroes Gs

After the Premium Pack holders got the early access at 10AM PDT on Friday, May 31, now all the players can access the game on June 4. Hurry up to buy Marvel Heroes Gs to equip your heroes now!!!
There are some usually questions and answers you may need to know before you play.
I am ulitimate package, why do I have 5,200 Gs?
This answer only applies to people who purchased the Ultimate Pack before May 29th. To help expedite getting the game live, we decided to grant a base number of Gs to all who had purchased the Ultimate Pack before May 29th, regardless of the currency that was used to pay for it. This was the base number - bonus currency will be granted separately. The extra 200Gs is 'rounding off'; this is NOT bonus currency or compensation.

Why do I not have 5,200 Gs?
If you purchased your Ultimate Pack after May 29th, or via Steam, you will be granted the correct number of Gs, based on the currency you used to pay for the Ultimate Pack.
I bought my Founders Pack on Steam but I can't login.
Make sure you redeemed the key that Steam granted you on purchase on your account here at MarvelHeroes.com. To obtain the key, find the game in your Steam library and click 'CD Key' to see the key.
I am sure many players are waiting now without sleeping, and we will also do our best to prepare enough stock for MH Gs so that you can buy on our site.