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What you can expect from Marvel Heroes

Been expecting the Marvel heroes in-game currency, and now they said it has come out which is called Marvel Heroes Gs. What else we can expect?
The team has added Cable to the roster. Cable's a ranged fighter who supplements his mighty gun with a slew of mental powers. Being able to stun or throw back enemies with his mind will be a great asset to keeping melee fighters at bay.
Other additions include cosmetic pets (such as Iron Man's little Iron Buddy or Herbie from the Fantastic Four), cosmetic effects that alter how your character looks (think head flames or mystical rings), and the ability to create guilds via War Machine. Like PvP, the current guild function in the game is basic and bare-bones, although the team promises it's working to flesh out both.

Gazillion's done a huge pass at all of the game's powers, including redoing the interface and power trees. Players should find this setup a lot more user-friendly than in previous beta iterations. Brevik said that players will want to collect as many of the same-character tokens as possible to save up for that hero's ultimate power, which can't be gained any other way. Iron Man's ultimate power involves his summoning a small army of suits, for example.

Will the creator of Diablo be able to addict a new generation of action-RPGers? We will know everything on the date of its launch on June 4.