May 30 Views (969) Marvel Heroes

How do I think of Marvel Heroes

A new game called Marvel Heroes will come to us in next several days. The game is based on heroes from the Marvel universe. Anyways, Marvel Heroes will be a MMORPG experience that you can play solo or with a bunch of your friends.
The game can be better classified as freemium, where you can play the whole game for free, but game extras or power-ups such as more characters or costumes will cost some Marvel Heroes cash. Similar to a lot of Facebook and mobile app gaming, the freemium model has its pros and cons. I'm not here to say if this method is good or bad but that is the model this game is using.
I started playing the game on my laptop but soon realized I would need something with a little more horsepower to play this game. While not the most demanding game specs, (see official website for full details) an extra boost to the video card was for sure needed. I was able to get my hands on a desktop pc better suited for gaming to fully appreciate this game.

As far as my thoughts on the heroes for the game, of the characters I used most were a blast to play with but Spider-Man and Punisher seemed a little weak. These two were difficult to take out bad guys with effectively on some levels. Rocket Raccoon was better than I expected. From his gadgets to his energy shield, he is a solid hero to play through this game with. Thor was the most powerful hero I used in the beta. He has a lot of great range attacks with lighting blasts and the hammer throw to go along with flying.
The graphics look good and for the most part, heroes move well within the levels. Audio commentary from the heroes can become stale, unless one uses Deadpool. Heroes level up at a good pace and the string of attacks and abilities they can achieve are numerous.
I am expecting this game can come to us soon, though the early access was delayed, but I am sure it will launch in June. And I will buy a lot of Marvel Heroes Gs for my heroes.