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The Marvel Heroes ingame currency called Gs

The marvel heroes’ official site has posted a news about its ingame currency. At the very beginning, we thought the ingame currency is called marvel heroes cash or gold. But now we know one of the game currencies is called Marvel Heroes Gs
Gs are the in-game currency that is used to purchase items in the Marvel Heroes in-game store, including heroes, costumes, items and more. Gs must be bought and they cannot be acquired in-game. If you have become part of the Founders Program, when we refer to 'in-game currency' or 'bonus currency' we're talking about Gs - and as a reminder, any Gs you may have been granted during Closed Beta for testing purposes will be removed from your account before Early Game Access begins.
When Early Game Access does begin, you will be able to purchase Gs, with discounts available when more Gs are purchased at once. Here are the prices, broken down into US dollars, Euros and British pounds sterling.

The conversion rate across currencies may change in the future based upon currency fluctuations, local taxes and other factors.
If you want to buy the marvel heroes ingame currency in the future, please come to