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NCSOFT new tour WildStar three race career Detailed


In NCSoft game company released the latest game masterpiece "WildStar" (tentative translation: Wild Planet), they Game Show in Cologne today to release its first three career races introductory information. Players in the game's first promotional video to see three interesting characters, they belong to three different races and occupations.


Warrior WildSter

In which the face like Cthulhu, cigar big mouth, it belongs race as "Granok", but his career is as a warrior. He was not only able to make a lot of melee physical damage, harm their skills levels are also considerable. In addition, the soldiers of the energy consumed in vocational skills are divided into two kinds, namely: fuel cells and adrenaline.Fuel cells are the soldiers of the energy consumed by damage skills, such as rip saws, jumping a hit and grenades, this energy can be automatically restored to a certain frequency infinite.Soldiers in the use of some sword skills can produce adrenal hormones, some skills will consume adrenal hormones, adrenal hormones such disengagement will slowly depleted.

spellslinger (who shot curse)

Magic Design

Video that Qizhemotuo, wearing goggles is spellslinger a human. spellslinger belongs to a remote job, the main weapon is in their hands by the magical infusion that two pistols. The energy consumed in this occupation are: charge and mystery.

spellslinger charge used, this energy accumulated in the energy tank, the more damage they have caused the value is higher. Its restoration, there are two ways, one is certain frequency unlimited automatic recovery, in addition, some skills also make this energy recovery

Mysteries of magic skills for spellslinger empowerment. This energy recovery in the battle very rapidly, and its post-war disappear off the speed is very slow.

Super powers the energy consumption of their skills are mana mana off the war will only slowly recover.

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