May 24 Views (1050) Neverwinter

Start to Buy NeverWinter Astral Diamonds again Due to Auction House Return

With the end of the investigation about the neverwinter astral diamonds exploit a few days ago, the neverwinter official has decided to reopen the auction house, that mean you can exchange the diamonds and other items through auction house now.

We got to many diamonds orders by the time when the auction house was reopened. But this happened too sudden, we did not prepare enough stock for the diamonds, thus many of the order will be delayed for the delivery. But we are now doing our best to collect the diamonds and all of our suppliers are also doing that too. So the neverwinter diamonds will be in stock soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused; your undersanding will be greatly appreciated. If you want to buy astral diamonds, please place an order first and we will trade the diamonds to you once we have got the stock, thank you for your support!