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How to Kill Chartilifax Dragon Boss in Neverwinter

If you have already reached level 30 in neverwinter, you may know a boss called Chartilifax, he is veey big and with green color, if you wanna kill him, just follow this guide.
You need to prepare enough Neverwinter Astral Diamonds for each character. Our team was composed of a Guardian Fighter (GF), Devoted Cleric (DC), Control Wizard (CW) and 2 Trickster Rogues (TR), , we felt that any group arrangement should be able to complete it, so long as they’re able to stay alive.
The DC kept everyone alive and dealt with the Imps as best he could. We were lucky - out severely under-levelled DC, Julz, is a complete baller. I advise you bring a good one, too.
The 2 TRs focused solely on the adds; Hellfire Magus’ were the primary target, as their AoE attacks are long range, lethal and cause knockdown effects, followed by anything else massive and dangerous looking. The imps were low priority mostly, as our DC seemed able to handle them easily enough.
The CW, using ranged DPS attacks, focused on chartilifax and used various control abilities to assist with the adds where possible. This was crucial, as without the ranged DPS, this fight could have taken hours.

Our GF focused solely on Chartilifax for the entire fight, keeping aggro and ensuring that he faced away from the group where possible.
By sticking to this strategy, the fight was mostly painless. Noone died, and we cleared him on the first attempt. At about 70% HP, Chartilifax will summon a group of 4 Hellfire Devils (alongside the Magus’), which can be really difficult to deal with - it’s probably a good idea that your CW helps get rid of these, then switches back to the boss. Again, at about 30% HP, he’ll summon a giant Shocktrooper Devil, and again, your CW might need to help you deal with this guy.
At the end, Neverwinter is an active combat game, so your group will need to dodge attacks and stay the hell out of the red danger zones to win; that said, a little common sense goes a long way here, so there’s likely going to be plenty of other strategies that work well. If this one doesn’t, experiment a little, and above all, enjoy the hell out of the first difficult encounter - we hear there’re plenty more on the road ahead.
If you do not have enough AD, you can buy astral diamonds from some selling sites. The currently price is about $15/M. If the price is ok for you, then you will be a rich one in neverwinter.