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The New Iron Man is Now Available in Marvel Heroes

Do you still remember the new movie Iron man 3? Do you like those iron men in the movie? Now you can choose iron men as your character when you play Marvel Heroes.
Tony Stark has managed to create a veritable Hall of Armors, and we've worked closely with Marvel to bring these armors to life in Marvel Heroes. Every in-game armor has been created using the original CG models straight from the movie VFX teams, making them as authentic and detailed as possible.
From Iron Man we have the Mark II 'prototype armor', first worn when Tony test-flies for the first time. The Mark III armor, also featured in the movie, will be available in Marvel Heroes either as an in-game purchase or as a random drop. It's also included in the Ultimate Pack. Purchasers of the Iron Man Movie Star Premium Pack can pick up the Mark III with their included in-game currency!
From Iron Man 2, we have included the Mark IV armor, the iconic Mark Vand the Mark VI with its distinctive triangle-shaped arc reactor.

From Marvel's The Avengers we have the Mark VII armor seen during the movie's climactic battle. The Premium Pack is completed with Iron Man's first armor in Marvel Heroes, the Extremis armor.
We start with the debut of the Mark I armor - first seen in Iron Man's origin tale, in Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)! This distinctive grey look was soon replaced by a golden version of the armor - which may also make an appearance in Marvel Heroes...
The Armory pack also includes the 'Golden Avenger' Classic armor, seen by many as Iron Man's definitive look; the black Stealth armor; the 1980s-style Silver Centurion armor; and the more modern Extremis armor.
Finally we bring Iron Man right up to date with his Marvel NOW! Armor, which debuted in 2012. This distinctive black and gold look completes The Armory and looks fantastic in-game.
When you play with Iron man, you can use marvel heroes cash to buy some good armor and items for your iron men and make them more goodlooking and powerful.