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How to Start Playing Neverwinter

If you are a beginner of Neverwinter, in this article we will tell you how to begin this game.It includes how to create an account, download the game and other server topics.
For creating an account. Are you familiar with Perfect World? Their network of MMOs is extensive, and if you’re a veteran of the genre you have signed up and played one of their games before. If not, perhaps you were an old Cryptic playing with City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online, and Star Trek Online. If any of this applies to you, then you have an account already and can log in to Neverwinter. If not, you have to create an account, which is fairly simple. The only issue I’ve seen here is that during hardware failures or crashes of PWI’s services, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to create an account. The weird thing is that the website won’t alert you to this as you try to fill the form out. You’ll see any name you can think of being unavailable and no matter what you do, nothing seems to work. Thankfully this is not a common thing to happen, which makes account creation a breeze. You don’t need product keys for PWI’s games, either. You just create your account and log in to play.
For downloading the game. Do yourself a favor and do a Google search for “Internet Download Manager”. If you want to buy game currency of neverwinter, you can search neverwinter gold in google as well. Download this, log in to Neverwinter’s website, click on the Download button, select GameFront as your mirror, and download the client through Internet Download Manager. Getting the game through this method will take you roughly ~15 minutes, depending on the speed of your connection. If you try and use the normal way of downloading or even use the torrent version you’ll be spending hours watching the progress bar slowly tick up and up. Downloading Neverwinter is a tad nerve-wracking due to the very slow speeds.

For the launcher. This is pretty straight forward for a launcher, but there is one issue to bring up that can save you a ton of time re-installing and troubleshooting. If the services for Neverwinter get clogged up and overload, then the Launcher will show nothing but a white screen. Do not panic! Once everything is resolved within PWI, the Launcher will update and work as intended. Other than that, which is not a common occurrence so far, the launcher works and does its job.
For the server status and stability. As with all MMO “soft” launches (open beta with no character wipes) and full launches, the servers will be bombarded with activity and cause issues. Neverwinter has had a shaky soft launch but the company has done very well in getting them back up quickly. Their twitter page (@NeverwinterGame) is also very active during issues like this and answering questions. There are only three servers and rumors of PWI merging them all into one mega-server ala DC Universe Online. Having only three servers has made queues upwards of 7,000+ at peak times. A queue of that size will last around ~40 minutes. It is obvious that there are tons of people trying out Neverwinter, so this soft launch is having quite the stress test. When the servers are up and running, things are quite smooth. Lag has dropped immensely thanks to a firewall update the team had done.
Have you already done the above steps? If yes, you are already ready for the journey of Neverwinter. Be aware of that the most important game currency is Neverwinter astral diamonds. So collect more diamonds.