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Monk of Entrana

This time, let us talk about Monk of Entrana of Runescape. Start Location: in Lumbridge for Swamp, four explorers (warrior, archer, wizard, monk), and warrior talk (3 ignore you), and the warrior conversation, and asked where they were waiting for something, He will not tell you, then meal. He will tell you lost city Zanrais.

In the next group of explorers, there is a pot in the pot next to a tree for RS Gold, the option is "chop tree" is not like other ordinary tree "chop down tree" of chop tree, a dwarf (Shamus), and Shamus conversation asked him into what the Zanrais needs, he said you need to a to Draman staff the manufacturing of Draman staff of tree Draman tree in a called Entrana island. And then he will be according to your choice and send you to of Port Sarim (which is why you beforehand with good weapons of reason), go Entrana you can not with any weapons and armor even anything plus attributes (of course, with more runes, amulet and did not complete the bow and arrow robe.: Monk Robes, druids Robes), if you bring illegal things, to Entrana control of the ship by Monk of Entrana will not let you on board. Next to a box of things stored, you can deposit into irregularities things.When he finished search you do not have a weapon, he will take you to Holy Island-Entrana. When you reach the island, take place until the red exclamation point to the northwest. You see a staircase down and a cave Monk, and cave monk conversation Cave monk said the hole which is very dangerous, you can not go in, you say you still have to go in after the end of the conversation, you have entered the hole. Walked to the hole inside, see Zombie (lvl 25), kill them until you get a bronze ax used to cut down trees (can not be brought in but can blow up to get), and then run through some of the Greater demon (LVL 92) forward. Try it cut When you see draman tree, it to LVL 101 the tree wizard will come out and said: "You must to Defeat me before you can with CHOP The Tree!" (Kill me, you can cut that tree!) now, follow the RS is not state-of-the-art system (Guaige Wan can not keep up with the others), as shown in the figure, quickly went behind a pile of mushrooms, the wizard can not keep up. Make sure the tree wizard can not hit you, use magic or bows.If you want to melee, must have food and Runescape Gold. then open the melee immune (43prayer), kill it and then cutting down trees, get Dramen branches, sent to of Lumbridge, with a the ready knife (knife) Note: If you are not prepared for a knife, to the castle kitchen take. You just cut it off and branches made of a Draman Staff. Go to Lumbridge swamp, saw a small room Take your Draman staff to enter the hut ............ world began to shake ... you the entered Zanaris! Complete the task!

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