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Explanation of Runescape Part II

Last Article, we talked about what is Runescape,I dont know if you have got some new information about RS,this article, let us continue our talking.

Every player has a set of skills that can be improved. The more a player practices, the higher their rating in that skill. A higher skill level unlocks new items and abilities. It also gives the player a higher overall rating, which is visible to other players and shows their experience. Many of the abilities you learn within the game are also relevant in real life and are just as varied, from combat skills to crafting and more. Many players choose to specialize in only one skill. Like the real world, Runescape has an economy where players can buy and sell items from shops or trade with one another and even dictate their own prices. Trading allows players to barter and make deals with each other. The in-game currency is referred to as Runescape Gold pieces (GP) and allows players to purchase whatever they need to live within the Runescape world. For instance, if their character loses health, they will need to acquire food and drink to replenish. If a player wants to attempt a dangerous quest, they will need acquire armor and supplies to succeed.

Quests and mini-games within Runescape also promote problem-solving skills and teamwork. There are numerous problems to overcome and puzzles to solve, testing both your knowledge and perseverance, as some can last an hour or less to several days. You may be required to do something as simple as bake a cake, or something as complex as resolving diplomatic relations between warring states. Quests encourage you to travel and meet new characters. Quests that are teamwork specific require two or more players to work together in order to complete the quest. There are over a hundred quests in Runescape. The free-to-play version is available to everyone, allowing players to access more than twenty quests and numerous skills. In addition to the free version, there is a member's version that players can subscribe to for a small monthly fee, around $5-$7.95 per month. Members are given access to more areas to explore, including special 'members only' skills, items, and exclusive mini-games.

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