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An answer about how to avoid a scam in your runescape time

 One of my friends asked a question : Can you buy RuneScape gold or is it a scam? Then I look up many sites and then summrize the answer for him.I also this answer can help others.

The only thing where you should buy things related to RuneScape and other games are from Web sites with the safe sites .Don’t believe other sites which are doubtful, to say the least. Don't give anybody your password, and especially don't type it on a Web site that is not from one of the official domains! They may use it to steal your account.

The most interesting thing to buy from RuneScape is a membership. This gives you many additional options for playing - for example, in RuneScape, many more quests, extra skills to train, extra activities, and a much larger map - as well as faster ways to get experience. The RuneScape membership costs about 6-8 US-dollars per month, depending on the payment option used.

Buying or selling RuneScape gold or items is illegal and against the RuneScape Rules. Any player found to have bought or sold RuneScape gold/items for real money is likely to have their account permanently banned. Never enter your RuneScape username, password, recovery questions or other account details on any non-Jagex site. If you ever do visit a site selling RuneScape gold or items, run a full virus scan on your computer, as these sites often install keyloggers on your computer which are designed to steal your RuneScape account details.So please pay attention to these and then you will not worry again!