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Finding a simple way to gain seals in ffxiv

Pursuing high efficiency is a good gold for us .In order to realize this gold ,you need to find the easy way .You can also find an easy way to get gand company seals in ffxiv.

Now let us discuss this way to help you gain seals in ffxiv. Did you know that you can turn in dungeon drops from level 50 4-man dungeons for approximately 150-170 Grand Company Seals? As a level 50 player, you should never have to go out of your way to farm for Grand Company seals thanks to this trick.


exchange for seals in ffxiv

That is the first step,then go to the second step. The supply and provisioning officer found at camps around the world will allow you to undertake “Expert Delivery Missions”. The officer in your company’s Grand Company headquarters will also allow you to undertake these “missions”.

Finally ,when you click “Expert Delivery”, a list of dungeon drops comes up that you can trade in in exchange for seals in ffxiv. While the lower level equipment does not provide a noticeable amount, gear from Amdapor Keep offers ~170 seals for each slot. The key here is turning in armor and weapons from Amdapor Keep and The Wanderer’s Palace.

Most players do not realize that they can turn in gear for seals and those that do often either do not care or have leveled up multiple classes and are using these dungeon drops as alt gear. Since most players already have Darklight gear, this equipment usually rots during Tomestone dungeon runs.