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Chocobo Chow Pizza Is A Pizza That Final Fantasy XIV Themed

Previous days, a bunch of Final Fantasy XIV-branded pizzas is being sold at Domino's stores in Australia. For these pizzas, along with cute new names. To name a few, Stormblood Supreme, Moogle's Meatlovers. However, one of the pizza on the menu is new and unique to this promotion, called Chocobo-themed Chocobo Chow pizza. You can check out a complete details, visit here



Chocobo are adorable creatures that can be ridden, petted, nicknamed, and come complete with their own amazingly catchy theme music. One of players said: "Bite after bite this pizza, I'd inwardly sob as the Chocobo theme ran through my mind. " Australian who knows nothing of Final Fantasy but who, upon walking into a pizza joint, likes the sound of a Chocobo Chow. 



Final Fantasy XIV themed pizza pies was created by both Square Enix and Domino's, Square Enix has teamed up with Domino's to come up with this idea. In addition, the pies are rebranded versions of some of Domino’s best-sellers. These include the Chocobo Chow, the Moogle's Meatlovers, the Curious Cactuar, the Stormblood Supreme and the the Heavensward Hawaiian. 


In the meantime, For Final Fantasy XIV, the PC version's gameplay will likely be the same as the consoles. The graphics, on the other hand, will be much better. There is a very good chance that the specials of the game will be changed. Furthermore, Square Enix confirmed that the PC version will use Nvidia graphics like the Nvidia Hairworks. The feature will make the characters’ hair look better than before. Here's everything you need to know about: