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The Rising Was Regarded As FFXIV's Anniversary Event

Final Fantasy XIV's annual event that The Rising will be hold on this month's 26th at 8:00 am. If you're an experienced Final Fantasy XIV fans, as you know, The Rising was regarded as Final Fantasy XIV's anniversary event. Consequently, This year will be no exception. More precisely, this event at 8 am and run until 14 September. 



New to Final Fantasy XIV are the franchise favorite Samurai and Red Mage jobs. Unique to this particular area of world, the jobs have a very unique history with the land, and players will learn more about them during their travels. For the Samurai, their focus is on maintaining skill based DPS and utilizing chained attacks. The Samurai can enter a special phase that unlocks unique AoE skills for large damage. Still looking to buy fast, cheap and reliable Final Fantasy XIV Gil


The Red Mage is a bit different, however. More in the vein of a battle mage, Red Mages can use both Black and White magic, along with some decent melee combat capabilities. Their job gauge focusing on maintaining an even balance between white and black magic, which fill up when using both skills. Once both white and black mana are maxed in the job gauge, you'll unlock access to special Red Mage abilities. 


Final Fantasy XIV will also be running a 14 hour broadcast in honour of their fourth anniversary. That takes place on 1 September. If it's like prior events, there will be seasonal event quests to pursue and items to acquire. The times and dates are about all the information that’s available so far. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information of the full game of Final Fantasy XIV, see more at here