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  • [News] Path Of Exile's New Update: You Will Be Able To Trade Animals [02/23/2018]
    Path of Exile's new update Bestiary will be launched on the coming days. Once the update releases on March, you will be able to trade animals. Legendary animals will be easily seen from a distance. You will be allowed to enter menageries of other people. The chance to catch a creature on the network is random. But it is strongly influenced by the health of the monster and its power. You are invited to see more news about the game, come to U4GM at any time.
  • [News] FFXIV: Great For Anyone Looking To Explore A New World [02/10/2018]
    Final Fantasy XIV is a really beautiful game. Yoshi-P and his team did an amazing job at reviving the game, across the board it is by far the best mmo out on the market with an amazing online community. Best MMO on consoles/PC with cross-platform play between both. Also the best Final Fantasy game to come out in years. Unsurprisingly, FFXIV4Gil is the most sought-after Final Fantasy XIV Gil seller.
  • [News] FFXIV: The Game Lets You Level All Jobs On The Same Character [02/07/2018]
    In Final Fantasy XIV, the game lets you level all jobs on the same character and switch back and forth whenever you want. Most of players thinks of this as a Final Fantasy game rather than a typical MMO. The story is quite enjoyable, and you will be missing a ton if you just skip through quest text. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the new few MMOs where the story is pretty good. It has its high moments and really low moments. Pleasingly, you are excited to obtain more Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Is Unique In That There Is No Gold In The Game [02/03/2018]
    Path of Exile is unique in that there is no gold in the game. There are twenty four, yes 24, different kinds of currency currently in Path of Exile. You are always having to weigh the option of accumulating your currency to buy items from other players or using that currency on existing items you have to improve them in some way. Path of Exile is such a deep game that after more than a year of play I can confidently say I have yet to know all about it. More information and the hottest news, reference from here.
  • [News] POE Items: We Want You To Shop With Confidence On Our Site [01/31/2018]
    Path of Exile is a new and exciting online gameplay, and you can join the fun world, join forces with thousands of other players and make this adventure your own. Now U4GM provide you cheap path of exile currency with a professional service. We will always be your the best choice. 7/24 customer services will always be standby. Find out all you need to know from the main character, and we are happy and proud to announce that we are the best poe items seller.
  • [News] The PC Patch Of Path Of Exile: It Takes Aim To Improve Performances [01/27/2018]
    Patch of Exile released a new PC patch, it takes aim to improve performances on both the PC and Xbox One, and general quality of life features and of course, addressing pesky bugs that may have hindered your gaming experience. Path of Exile is completely free to download and play. We never intend to charge for content or access to the released game. Now, let's see the content of this patch, and more information and update, read more at here.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Can Be A Difficult Game For New Players To Get Into [01/23/2018]
    Some guys just buy a new Xbox One to play Path of Exile, it's amazing and fun. Path of Exile builds is here to provide you with the most detailed, effective and fun builds for Path of Exile. When it comes to Path of Exile's build, and it mainly include support for the two new Path of Exile leagues: Ambush and Invasion, along with all of the new Vaal skill gems. Path of Exile is an ARPG developed by GGG (Grinding Gear Games). Concerning this game's more information, read more at here.
  • [News] Sufficient POE Items And POE Orbs Can Ensure Delivery In 10 Minutes [01/18/2018]
    U4GM is a famous poe currency supplier, we promise cheapest game currency for all games & platforms with timely update. Buying poe currency buy allows you to enjoy a good gaming experience. We have more than 10 years experience of offering safe and cheap path of exile currency at 24 hours online. To fully enjoy the in-game content, you can buy poe currency and poe items from reputable sellers here at U4GM.
  • [News] Millions Of Customers Are Fond Of Buying PoE Currency From U4GM [01/18/2018]
    Since Founded, U4GM.COM Have Been Selling PoE Currency For Many Years. We Have Experienced The Orbs Sale Of Path Of Exile Until The Most Popular Online Game.
  • [News] Buying Path Of Exile Currency And Orbs Are Always The Easiest Way [01/15/2018]
    You can get some support from U4GM, buying Path of Exile currency and orbs are always the easiest way to become rich in the game, as you know, you will never have enough time to farm enough Path of Exile or currency, you guys can buy some Path of Exile orbs via some professional website. Just like any online action role-playing game, wealth is a huge area of the game as it offers a superior different options to savor the sport.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Will Be The Same Story-Wise On Both Platforms [01/11/2018]
    Path of Exile, the Xbox One version will be free-to-play. On Xbox One and PC, even of the game will be the same story-wise on both platforms, several smaller details revolving around gameplay had to be tweaked to fix balance changes that effect the Xbox version in particular, making the two versions subtly different. According to Wilson, we are going to get the Xbox launch entirely out of the way and make sure we are supporting it well before looking at other platforms. If you are preparing poe currency buy, there is a good place, U4GM.
  • [News] U4GM - Cheap PoE Orbs With 24*7 Service Online [01/09/2018]
    Welcome to We offer professional service for Cheap PoE Orbs, also Buy Chaos Orbs now, so cheapest price. More games service will be set up in the future. Fast PoE currencies are on offering all the time.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Is Known For Its Profound Character Builds [01/05/2018]
    Since the appearance of Path of Exile in 2013, the game has managed to gather a nice following on PC and Xbox One. This free to play online role play has been a phenomenon since 2013 with numerous players, updates and expansions, but this year also has to launch on Xbox One.
  • [News] You Have To Try Path Of Exile [12/30/2017]
    Path of Exile is a game in the purest style of Diablo (the well-known Blizzard game) created by the New Zealand company Grinding Gear Games. This game in Free to Play is the closest thing to a devil clone.
  • [News] Why Not Choose A Reliable Website To Help You Achieve Goal In Path Of Exile [12/27/2017]
    Hello, every PoE orbs fans. Thanks for you love playing Path of Exile! As a PoE orbs supplier, it is our main goal that provide safest and cheapest PoE currency for you.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Has Grown Exponentially Since The Launch Of Fall Of Oriath [12/26/2017]
    When it comes to Path of Exile, the official release date on Steam says October 24, 2013, but the genesis of the game started back in 2006. Fall of Oriath marks the sixth expansion released for PoE. One of the major changes went against the grain. Along with the new story chapters, Grinding Gear removed two difficulty levels. Path of Exile is free, and the game is the first of its kind to provide it without needing to resort to the "New Game+" model.
  • [News] The Tips And Guides Of Path Of Exile: Path Of Exile Has A League System [12/21/2017]
    Regarding the popular the game: Path of Exile, do you want to know more helpful tips and tricks for starting out your adventuring career in Path of Exile. To be honest, there are a total of six classes divided between the game's three stats of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Three of the classes are pure and the other three are hybrids. Now, let's take a look more details about this game. seizing this chance to buy more cheap POE xbox currency from the best website U4GM.
  • [News] Path Of Exile - Horror Cost In Free-2-Play Money [12/20/2017]
    In the action role-playing game Path of Exile, your job is to find a way out of this bleak world and return to your homeland - no matter what.
  • [News] New Atlas Maps Has Been Showed In War For The Atlas [12/15/2017]
    At the end of last week, the release of another major add-on for Path of Exile called War for the Atlas, which completely changes the endgame for high-level characters.
  • [News] MU Legend: The Combat Is Real-Time And Very Fast Paced And More [12/12/2017]
    Webzen revealed new news about MU Legend, players will find enhanced graphics and a fluid hack 'n' slash combat style. The OBT of MU Legend will includes new features including localization in several new languages. In MU Legend, the same problems that plagued Devilian, linear questing, lack of much to do outside slaying mobs, plague MU Legend. In addition to the main features, Webzen is working to be able to incorporate community communication elements into the PvP system. Highly recommend you to view more at here.
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