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What should you do before gain a job of ffxiv

 There are many kinds o f jobs in ffxiv game.If you want to acquire a job,you have to make some preparations in the early time.It is a good habit that you can get benefit from it.

A character must reach a certain level in the associated class and subclass, complete a job quest, and then receive a soul crystal key item,if he want to acquire a job. See the specific job for the quest to unlock that job. To take on a job quest, players must present themselves in the associated class.And you should know how to change and swith jobs .



switch back to the original class in ffxiv


Changing Jobs :Characters switch to a job from the associated class; for example, from gladiator to paladin. To switch, characters must possess the soul crystal for that job, such as the Soul of the Paladin. Upon switching to a job, the EXP bar will indicate that you are currently playing as that job. See the List of Jobs below to see the available jobs and the classes to which they are associated.

Follow these steps to swich jobs and switch back to the original class in ffxiv. About jobs: 1. Select Gear from the main menu 2. Select the main hand gear slot 3. Select primary arms or primary tools for the associated class 4. Select the job slot above the main hand gear slot 5. Select the soul crystal About class: 1. Select the job slot next to the main hand gear slot 2. Select the equipped soul crystal and remove it from the slot .

You have to notice that you cannot switch directly from one job to another. To change from a job to a different class which is not the original associated class, simply change the gear carried in your main hand as you normally would.Have a good time ,players .