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Make your Urns which will help you a lot in runescape

Everyone has to die sooner or later,and he or she will be burned and carried in a container whose name is urn.Are you afraid of this behavior ? In runescape ,you can make your urns in advance and experience that feeling.

Urns in runescape is useful.The use of Urns provides a 20% bonus which are many runescape golds and items to any experience that is earned, making them useful to speed up training. What’s more, urns are available in Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, Smithing, Cooking, and Prayer. Each of the skills have their own unique type of urn .What a magic thing it is !

You have to know that there are also different "grades" of Urns: Cracked, Fragile, Regular, Strong, and Decorated. The greater the quality of an urn, the higher the crafting level required to make it. They also yield greater experience, which is an advantage. Although there are many different styles of urns, they are all constructed the same way.

In order to make an urn, take two pieces of soft clay to a potter's wheel. One in the Southern part of Gunnarsgrunn, and another in a room to the South of the Varrock East bank. Use this unfired urn on a pottery oven . Once the urn is fired, it only requires a magical rune to be attached which will enable it to be teleported once it is filled. Each type of urn has a specific rune required to imbue it: Fishing - Water rune ,Cooking - Fire rune ,Mining - Earth rune ,Smithing - Fire rune ,Woodcutting - Earth rune ,Prayer - Air rune.

Notice that the urn is complete once the rune is attached to! So don't attach runes unless you're certain you want to keep the urns. Carry your new urn in your inventory while you train the skill, and when it is full, simply left-click it to teleport it away, and gain a sizable experience bonus. The use of urns is extremely beneficial for everyday training in Runescape. So you can make your urns in your game time !Do you like this kind of items?