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Marvel Heroes Hulk Premium Package is available now

We're enlarging the Marvel Heroes Founders Program with more Packages for your preferred heroes! After Iron Man's double debut with 2 Packs we thought we'd give another founding Avenger the spotlight - the Hulk!
The Hulk smash Pack will let you to play with the Green Goliath at the beginning of Early Game Access, and showcases some classic looks from Hulk's comic and movie appearances. As well as the four iconic costumes included, we're leaving open a fifth costume slot and asking you Hulk fans to fill it by voting for your favorite! The community will choose the final Hulk costume which will appear in this Premium Package, and then will available ingame as a random loot drop or as an optional purchase as well as Marvel Heroes Power leveling service.

These are the 4 costumes you can choose to vote on, but remember, you only have one vote, so please wisely choose your favorite one
Age of X. While working on a device intended to depower any mutant, this version of Hulk was bombarded by gamma radiation and the mutant genes from his volunteers. This led to a massive wound on his chest and a hatred for all of mutant-kind.
Hulk as War. After being captured by Apocalypse, Hulk invoked the voice of Bruce Banner’s dead father to drive Hulk to become Apocalypse’s personal Horseman, War!
Joe Fixit Tuxedo. This white tuxedo represents the iconic cover of Wolverine #8, in which Wolverine (as Patch) and Hulk (as Joe Fixit) sport matching outfits while causing trouble in Madripoor!
Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine. While lying low in Tibet, Hulk adopted this beaded outfit, conceivably to “blend in” with the locals. His vacation was cut short by Wolverine, who was sent by Nick Fury to dispose of Hulk.
Anyway, when you start to play this game, you will need to get a lot of Marvel Heroes Cash to buy items for your guy. So save money from now on.