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The Forced Group Quests of Final Fantasy 14

I have played final fantasy for many years, and I enjoyed this game a lot, after the ffxiv came out, I spent a lot of money in purchasing ffxiv gil, but what I hated is the forced group quest in it.

I think Final Fantasy XIV might have actually gotten it mostly right. Not perfect, but considering that the development team felt it was important to include these quests, I think they've at least provided us with the best possible implementation for this content. So the inclusion doesn't really bother me after all.

Not wanting forced group quests is not the same as wanting to play a single-player game. Final Fantasy XIV comes from a long line of single-player games; you can be fairly certain that most of the people playing are familiar with that fact. There's a number after the title.

For starters, a lot of them don't actually coincide with anything worth repeating; you'll be fighting enemies that reward only you despite needing other people with you. So you need people who either have the quest or are generous enough to do it despite that fact. Assuming you've actually assembled a group, hopefully your group is actually capable of getting through the content without a hitch.

About the only thing that Yoshida hasn't done to make grouping better is physically changing people to be more capable in group content. And I don't think that's within his power.

I will continue playing this game, and now I am waiting for ffxiv arr, already saved a lot of money for the arr, and will buy as much final fantasy 14 gil as I can after it comes out.