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Everquest Next Should do something in order to be Successful

The Everquest Next will be live during Aug 1 to Aug 4 in 2013. But the game is still not that perfect since it is still in beta version. I would not buy EQN Platinum now until the final real version comes out.

There is something I think that SOE should do in order to make the everquest next better.

Sandbox gameplay: This is one of the advertising points of Everquest Next, and it is something they must deliver. Each new generation of MMO seems to get more linear, which kills both freedom of game style and general replayability. There was a certain sense of creating your own adventure that went hand-in-hand with early MMOs like Ultima Online and Everquest that have been acutely missing in recent releases.

Difficulty: The game itself isn't bad, but its appeal for casual players combined with huge subscription numbers turned a hardcore genre into easy mode. The MMO market is now full of games that have little-to-no death penalty and extreme hand holding through quests. This is a stark turnaround from the days when it took months upon months for players to solve some of Everquest's more difficult quests.

Recapture the Everquest Magic: If Sony were to simply recreate Everquest with the same races, classes, quests and general sense of difficulty combined with today's technology to create more expansive and beautiful content, they'd have a hit. Unfortunately, Sony decided to gamble on a new formula.

Those are my personal opinion regarding EQN, and I hope SOE will consider all of them and make the game more wonderful. For EQN Power leveling, players must choose a legit site because it will cause a ban when you choose a illegal one.