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The Final Race of Exiles faction in WildStar Online

In the past few days, Carbine studio has revealed its final races, and one of them is called Mordesh. But they have yet disclosed the game currency name which is called wildstar gold or not.

The Mordesh is from the planet of Grismara, were once a very beautiful and advanced race. They had a flourishing civilization, mostly due to their advancements and refinements in alchemy, making them the envy of the galaxy. That attracted the attention of the Dominion, which they joined.

The Mordesh, who look like the emo kids of the faction, is sort of the counterpoint to the other Exile races. Consider them a necessary evil. They are tall and lanky, with a dark cyberpunk-ish type of style. But the lore behind them is where things are really interesting.

The game takes place 80 years after the Contagion outbreak. For 20 to 30 years the Exiles have smuggled Mordesh out. However, their numbers are still low because the Mordesh have lost the ability to procreate.

As for what classes are available to the Mordesh, their options are Warrior, Stalker, Spellslinger and the two unrevealed classes. Since the Mordesh are a technologically advanced race, it stands to reason that the new classes will have something to do with technology.

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