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Everquest Next will Bring you a Totally New Everquest Game

In August 2013, the new everquest game – Everquest Next will come to us. The Everquest next has the different stories with EQ 1 and EQ 2. The the next has the same currecy as the previous 2 games which is called everquest next platinum.

As often as we've been burned by unfulfilled promises, you'd think we we'd skip the hype boat, but that's not the case; we often book a ticket and hop on anyway. We just can't help but feel our heart strings pulled and hope renewed when a new title comes out flashing our favorite buzzwords. And EQ Next has offered a few: emergent gameplay, sandbox, innovation.

Is the hype justified? We'll all have a better idea of that soon, though not soon enough. Until then, here's a recap of what we do know to chew on until the main course is served in two weeks. Then you can let your speculation run wild, even if I can't!

Franchise Director Dave Georgeson described his pet theory that crafters are the glue of MMOs. He told us, "You can pretty much assume that there will be a strong backbone in EQ Next for those players." And bringing Emily "Domino" Taylor on board as producer for EQ Next helped cement that idea that crafting would be integral.

Georgeson said he felt that SOE was already tipping its hand somewhat with what has been added to EQ and EverQuest II. He elaborated by noting that features like Player Studio and SOEmote will be a part of the sandbox. We also have the confirmation that the sandbox will follow the rest of SOE's portfolio and be free-to-play.

You will be able to see how exactly the everquest next like after the game is live, I am sure you will not be regretted because the EQ series are always wonderful. And if you need to purchase EQN Platinum, just buy on our site, we will provide you the best service.