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How to Farm FFXIV Gil

FFXIV Gil is so interesting that many players want to buy it and enjoy wonderful time in game. For newbie, the most vexing is how to quickly earn Gold, with the U.S. version, the price boom is now the state 35level and 3 equipment may be 4 million FFXIV Gil take-off, novice if he does not earn money, we simply can not be bought from, once again to share some good ways to make money with you to discuss. We can not only make money on the strict management. Skill is our basic condition for FF14 Gil for sale. Thus, before making money, we need train our skills better first.
The gold that you do not already have in your character sheet will have to Buy FF14 gold from the market. They are sold by in game factions controlled by the official, and also re-sold by players. After you have bought a skill, it will show up in your hangar, where you can train it via the right-click command.

You already have some skills when you start a new character. To take those to the next level, open your character sheet and go to the Skills section. Right-click on the skill you want to train and select Train to Level X. There is also a Settings menu, which gives you different options.
One of the options here is Show All Skills, which will display all the skills available in game in your sheet. If you select this option, you will see some skills with a green check mark and others with a red cross in your character sheet. The green check mark indicates that you have the prerequisites to train the skill; the Red Cross shows that there are still some skills you have to train before being able to acquire this particular skill.