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Guide for FFXIV gil

Do you like a person Bulkhead Kanguai, Six Road, ears or eye view, and pay attention to ffxiv gold the movements of the monster, fighting record scroll and the safety of his teammates?
Fencer (also including the shield after the Battle of senior professional) capacity on the global view of the control is very important tasks in a number of 5 star, often encounter a few enemies while at the same time attack, and if allowed to one of these can only blame the chaos run, hit back, that under the basic two seconds off, the team crumbled.
Do you think that the important value of the individual or the team''s value important?
If you choose individual, then I''m sorry, fencer is not for you. shield and sword which is more important?

Although the fencer is sword, but you left the shield is the life of the whole team. Swords can be broken, but can not afford to carry the shield, then another sharp sword ffxiv gil is useless. Emergency first things you like, positive resist the enemy, or behind the scenes to support or behind the attack?Obviously, an avant-garde Shield fencer served, you do not blame anti-anti-strange?
Do you have enough time SOLO leveling, to maintain your level of lead in the whole server?Although the fencing team division is the soul, but at this stage Fencer SOLO professional level must be able to promote their own (do not ask me why, ask SE to go). Novice in the new service areas and other monsters SOLO Qiangguai concentration areas, the fencing division obviously at a disadvantage, if you can not maintain a full service leading speed, then among the crowd in the beta, your job level is almost no way to rise up .
Finally, your speeds are normal, will always green ping?If you always yellow or even red ping ping, then I''m sorry, fencer is not for you, because SE has still not made automatically attack, and swordsmanship skills such as division of the square (I''ll come back) on the rapid response capacity very demanding.