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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn bears congestion

Final Fantasy XIV: the virtual currency of which is called Final Fantasy XIV Gil ,launched on PlayStation 3 and PC, and faced congestion on its servers, causing Square Enix to have to implement restrictions on the game's players.
Character creation has been temporarily halted in seventeen servers, or 'worlds', which is more than an inconvenience to new users. Whilst some gamers will have taken part in the beta on PlayStation 3 and have characters, some will have booted the game up today for the first time. Server queues seem to still be in place, as no statement has been released to the contrary.

Today's issues problems for early access players in North America and Europe, who were allowed to partake before launch as a pre-order bonus. Server issues, emergency maintenance on the game and servers, and a late-appearance server queue stopped some from taking advantage of their gift.