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A Realm Reborn Digital Sales Go Down

I'll tell you the news about first--Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is pretty freak and awesome, and you can expect a full review by the end of the week. Gamers wanting to pick up a digital copy from the comfort of their homes may have to wait a bit, as Square Enix hastemporarily suspended all digital sales of FFXIV: ARR until the game's server issues can be worked out.

The game has some pretty ridiculous wait times just to log in and play (along with the occasional server freakout), so Square Enix is planning to expand its server capacity and give everybody a chance to check out the rebooted version of their (initially) poorly-received 2010 MMORPG.

Those of you planning on picking up the game--will you wait until digital copies are available, or will you track down a physical copy? Or will you wait until Square Enix irons this whole thing out? As for those of you who are currently playing, be sure to check out the fun FFXIV events and contests that our intrepid Generals (including Baker McDonald and Karkarov from the forums) are cooking up!We believe that the game will bring you a big different surprise, and FFXIV Gil service can help you get more enjoyment of the game.