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A Realm Reborn is Coming to us in the Next Week

Just in the next few days, the ffxiv arr will come to us and we can start playing that game soon, and some players can even play earlier than the launching day. They will be able to get more ffxiv gil then those who play later.

The players who registered for the original Final Fantasy XIV and then left because it was horrible will be able to play the game for free from launch until September 9, at which point they'll have figured out if they want to run screaming again or not. And new players will be able to get a taste for game before they dive in via the final beta test, which runs August 17-19. Then the servers go down for five days, coming back up on the 24 for early start pre-order customers, giving them a three-day head start.

Though the game has not really released, but many players have been talking about this game, some of them think the game is cool, but some of them do not like it game.

Some players hate its subscription mode. A player said: I just don't want a stupid subscription-based game. I want them to charge me $60 and that's that, I don't mind an extra $20 to not have to pay to keep playing, that is what is the biggest issue me and many others have with the game. a P2P model is very much outdated.

Alkage said: As much as I wanted to like the game, I think that saying a bit uninspired is a bit of an understatement. It's pretty ...bland all around. It's fine. I didn't hate it but I just didn't see anything radically new or different or interesting to warrant me giving it a go after my beta period ended. It was a gorgeous game, and the gameplay was polished - but it's nothing we haven't seen before in countless other MMOs.

So far, most of the players are still expecting this game since Final Fantasy series have never disappointed their players. Also it is not difficult to predict that final fantasy xiv gil will become very hot soon after the game is released.