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Warlock's green fire shouldn't be coming

This is really no question a disappointment for the majority of, this is great for warlocks when along with the news from yesterday evening that your particular demonology tanking spec isn't inside cards. Its, however, extremely important crucial that you recognize Blizzard still has done a good deal with your warlock class, and the isn't really lost. In addition the talent revamp only has certain hold overs from current-day methodology.

we've obtained some additional insight of what exactly lies behind going with the idea “hope” in regard to our efforts to accomplish warlock green fire quest. Essentially, we would like this updated information out make certain we could better manage expectations.
We need to perform the introduction of something such as green fire properly. Implementing it in “a quest” doesn't explain our stance here. We'd like something as substantial much more exchange signal of be war and peace accomplishment for your needs.
Unfortunately, it seems the fact that the possible green fire for warlocks is much less as likely given that the wording from the original information indicated. Since spell effects are not as effortless to rework around as – as an illustration – druid forms are, we'd like some additional technology implemented to help allow the use of red or green fire as a player choice and not just an enduring change that is carried out for manyof warlocks.
It's always with regret that him and i were not able to clarify this level of detail more once first mentioned our intent – “our hope” – and that we wish we hadn't caused such excitement and raised expectations for people that didn't instantly remove the news through having an “I'll accept it whenever i see it” pinch of salt.