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Spells and Skills’ Magic of Everquest Next Hunting

EverQuest Next will be officially launched on August 2nd. From that day, the EQN platinum will be got and the world is going to find out all kinds of awesome bits of goodness about the next upcoming title in the EverQuest franchise.

If you were an EQ caster, you needed spells. If you were a warrior class, you needed skills. If you were a hybrid of these, you needed both. At the end of the day, no matter what you were hunting for to progress your character's personal abilities, you had to go out and find it. As an FYI, for the sake of brevity in this article, I'm going to refer to both skills and spells as the same thing. With that out of the way, let's carry on!

While most spell merchants in various towns had a standard set of available spells, if you needed to get a spell called Shackle of Bone. For example, you had to go to ONE vendor, or find someone willing to sell it. And I don't mean you had to go to one vendor in any major city, such as Freeport. I mean you had to go to one vendor in the entire game.

Throughout Norrath, various mobs would drop words of power, such as Words of Material, Words of Eradication, etc. Assuming a caster had the appropriate amount of skill, they could create a wide variety of spells by combining different words. This skill not only added yet another layer to the necessity for community interaction, it also added another level to the incredibly intricate layers of EverQuest gameplay.

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