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The Amazing Flying Mount Rocks in WildStar

The date of Wildstar opening is coming soon and there are more and more exciting news and update from its developer. It seems wildstar gold websites having come out a lot, many sellers are waiting to earn some money from this game.

WildStar’s development is going smoothly. Led by a team of veterans who have worked on almost every MMO released, the Orange County developer hasn’t put a foot wrong. Every decision they’ve made has been warmly welcomed by an incredibly positive community.

If you look at other MMOs on the market, there’s only one that offers flying mounts. While RIFT and SWTOR have eschewed the idea, World of Warcraft has allowed players to take to the skies since The Burning Crusade. It was such a popular move that Blizzard revamped the old world to accommodate flying mounts there as well. By all accounts, players want to fly.

Warcraft’s flying mount mechanism has a problem. Once you get past the initial joy of being able to fly around and reach all those hidden places, it actually becomes pretty boring. You fly up, you hover, and you make a coffee. There’s no risk or effort to it at all. That’s part of the attraction, but it’s incredibly dull.

There’s also the option of fixing flying mounts at a maximum altitude to keep them in range of monsters on the ground. While it’s great to be able to take pot-shots at someone and knock them out of the sky, it still doesn’t stop the puzzle shortcut problem.

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