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Final Fantasy XV got the Negative Feedback from the Players

Final Fantasy used to be a giant in gaming. It defined generations; they were massive gaming events that elevated Square to an industry leader. Now the games have become a joke with the number series rendered pointless by MMO’s entries in the main series that should have been a spin-offs, all time low reviews of the latest game, odd sequels of characters we don’t care about, and even the music sucks.

Soon the final fantasy xiv will be live, many players contact us to ask if we have the final fantasy xiv gil to sell, since the game is still not active, so we will only be able to sell and deliver after the game is launched.

Final Fantasy has always been a game that has pushed the boundaries of what is capable on the system but it used to at least make sense. In the trailers there is so much going on I can barely make heads or tails of what the hell is going on. Who are these people, why are they fighting, why are there giant monsters throwing fireballs for no reason, why should I care? The Final Fantasy series has become about jamming as much crap on the screen to the point where is causing me an aneurysm and leading to sensory overload.

To paraphrase Shakesphere Final Fantasy XV feels like a loud bang, signifying nothing. No other trailer at E3 had more going on in it and no other trailer at E3 made me feel as little as this one did.When the horrible character designs and cinematography is not making you hate this game, you can always rely on the truly go awful dialogue.

I hope the ff14 will be better than ffxv, since its name is called like reborn, so it must be some very big changes, I am going to buy many ff14 gil and equip my character so that I can fully enjoy that game.