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Apologizes for Early Access Woes from the Final Fantasy XIV Director

Final Fantasy XIV, the virtual currency of which is called Final Fantasy XIV Gil feels like a session of "Good News, Bad News" for Square Enix. On the one hand, players are lining up en masse to try the beta, which is promising given the original's less-than-stellar launch. The downside is that these players are also experiencing a huge range of bugs and server errors. North American and European servers have since been closed repeatedly for maintenance, leaving many unable access the game over the weekend.

Most of the issues plaguing the game seem to have been fixed, but player populations continue to place a heavy strain on Final Fantasy XIV's servers.So Square Enix is implementing login restrictions to mitigate the load until a more permanent solution can be implemented. "In this way, we can ensure that the maximum number of players can play the game without risking a server crash," Yoshida adds. "I know no one wants to wait to log in, but I hope you all understand why we believe this precaution is necessary."
But it's worth remembering that these early access periods exist so Square Enix can fix errors before final release. As long as Final Fantasy XIV's game play is fun and engaging ,especially with FFXIV Gil when you're logged in, which early reports suggest it is, these maintenance problems shouldn't be anything more than a temporary setback.