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Is the Armoury System well carried out

Final Fantasy XI players will be familiar with a similar system; it allowed players to “equip” a secondary class to their primary one and create several “hybrid” character combinations. While the system is different one would say, more streamlined.
First and foremost, and this should be stressed as it’s a quite positive development, the Armoury System’s minute shortcomings seem to be steadily overcome as time goes by.

  As several people painfully found out in Beta Phase 3, it’s not a great idea to instantly sell your level 1 items once you replace them with better ones, since your level 1 class also needs something to wear.As an overview, especially considering that gathering and crafting classes can have dedicated gear of their own, complete with numerous gathering bonuses, the system is adequately refined to allow for a quick, and trouble-free, class-switching experience.Provided you take care of your gear sets, of course!
The foundation of the system is steady enough, but it is not clear that someone really  levels up multiple classes, especially though FFXIV Power leveling service. and mix and match their personal preferences.