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Dragon Quest X and FFXIV will Cooperate to Celebrate Square Enix 25th Anniversary

The Square Enix 25th anniversary is around the corner. The famous games Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest X will collaborate for this anniversary by then.

Shantotto and Moogle will be visiting the world of Dragon Quest X. Shantotto and the Dragon Quest Golem enemy will be appearing as cute minions in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm. However, they won’t be so cute when they’re going around knocking out players left and right while in their giant forms. Similar to other giant monsters in the world of Eorzea, players will most likely have to defeat them in order to acquire their minions.

While we haven’t seen Dragon Quest slimes hopping around in the worlds of Final Fantasy since Fortune Street, the adorable monsters will be stepping foot in the world of Final Fantasy XI. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XI’s quirky Shantotto will be terrorizing players of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, in a special Square Enix anniversary collaboration.

The above is a look at the adorable duo of a Slime from Dragon Quest and Spriggan from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, seen in front of the entrance of San d’Oria in Final Fantasy XI.

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