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Have Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Changed Your Life

Those we have already played Final Fantay 14 must know how amazing the game is. And If you are going to use FFXIV Power leveling service, you will miss a lot of fun.

3 years later, Square Enix has done the impossible, pouring money and resources into a reboot that turns things around entirely. A Realm Reborn is more than just a relaunch of Final Fantasy 14; it's a completely different and infinitely better game — the series' greatest shame transformed into one of its most exciting and unexpected triumphs.

You are able to carry over a small number of skills between classes, allowing for a lot of freedom of customization, but mixing together certain class types unlocks new, super-powerful jobs. For example, by leveling a marauder to 30 and a gladiator to 15, I unlocked the warrior job. This gave me access to a handful of very powerful abilities and was basically required in order to be an effective tank later in the game.

The first version of the game ended with the continent of Eorzea nearly destroyed and the disappearance of player-controlled heroes. At the outset of A Realm Reborn, those heroes are, well, reborn into a world recovered from the dramatic events of the past five years — but facing new and more worrisome troubles on the horizon.

With the level rising, you will experience more and more monsters and quests, by killing finishing them will bring you more hp and items and ffxiv gil, so you should keep playing to get more fun.