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Players’ Different Speculation to Everquest Next Online

One of the player said: The everquest next creates a whole new questing experience and the ways to get EQN Platinum, and MUCH more life-like NPCs than we have ever seen before. An NPC you saw walking around town last night, might be a player in your group tomorrow. Imagine visiting a guildhall where the leader and other major members are there as NPCs to greet visitors. Imagine an offline character that is configured to spend their days fishing at the peir, and heads home at night fall.

Another player said: To those out there talking about armor, I've played and loved EQ from release. Same with WoW. One of my biggest gripes with EQII was that all the armor looked the same just like it did in EQ. This was fine in EQ, but I had hopes that it would evolve with 2's release.

The 3rd player said: I would love a good fantasy MMO sandbox, but I don't know if it's possible. The reason Eve works is because the combat is so tactical and slow that it allows non-twitchers to still excel. But the losses still meaningful enough to get the heart racing. That's a semi-acceptable concept in a space simulation, but in order for that to work in a fantasy game you'd literally have to go to like FF7 style turn-based combat.

The 4th player said: I am not going to speculate. I'm not going to try to pin my hopes on certain aspects being in the game, and hope that other aspects aren't going to be. SOE can't please everyone. That would be flat impossible. What I do hope for is a game that will kick ass. Be fun to play. And bring back at least SOME of the wonderment that EQ held for me 13 years ago.

No matter what did player said, it can never stop Everquest next’s step to open and a lot of players will and must play this new EQ since this game series are too attractive. As soon as you want to use EQN power leveling service after playing, please contact us and we will give you the best service.