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The Harvesting and Crafting of Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn

In this article, we will take players to see how does FF14 arr’s Harvesting and Crafting system look like. Because for the harvesting system you can see how to harvest ff14 gil as more as you can.

Lumber is from Carpentry, which requires logs found by the Botanist harvesting class. Normally, I would probably have picked these things up from the marketboards, but its still beta-3 and not many people are placing things up on the markets as of yet. This means that I need to be self-sufficient. So, my first step on the road to armorer actually required switching over to Botanist and hacking away at a few trees.

Crafters get bonus XP for their first creation of an item; this is tracked in the crafting log which doubles as your recipe book. I had completed a good number of my 16-20 recipes and I remembered I was going to be short some Elm Lumber, a mess of Iron Ingots, and some Ice Shards going into this weekend.

In the exploration mode, you need to find harvesting nodes. This is accomplished using several “radar” type abilities which help you find either the nearest node or the highest level node you can utilize depending on the ability. Once you find a node, you have a choice of different items to harvest, each with a percentage chance to succeed.

Along with the Ice Shards picked up during my Botany run, my inventory needs were nearly complete. I just needed some iron ore, which of course requires mining. Once again, the Gear Set List had my mining profile stored. Lower level Mining is done near Ul’Dah, so after changing into my mining gear I used Teleport and visited Camp Horizon out in Western Thanalan.

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