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More Servers of Final Fantasy XIV Arrive Soon

Final Fantasy XIV ,in which the FFXIV Gil is the main game currency ,may have been remade and relaunched, but many who suffered through the original 2010 incarnation of the Square Enix MMORPG are suffering all over again. The gates to the kingdom of Eorzea opened on Tuesday, but overloaded servers and instability have locked out tens of thousands of paying customers for nearly the entire week.
It’s a shame, really. Based on the handful of reviews that have been published by journalists who were actually able to play it before the rush, A Realm Reborn is a fantastic MMORPG that more than makes up for FFXIV’s initial debacle of a release three years ago.

To be fair, MMORPG launches are always a bit of a hot mess in the early days, but judging by the 218 rage-filled pages full of threads on the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support forum, A Realm Reborn could set a new low.In a post early this morning on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums, Director Naoki Yoshida apologized for the ongoing World login and character creation issues and promised relief is on the way.
Officially, new servers will be opened starting on Wednesday, September 4. Yoshida said he believes these additions will fix the problems, but warned that a second rush to log in on Wednesday will most likely create further congestion. To make up for the lost time, Square Enix is providing a seven-day extension to the FFXIV: A Realm Reborn free trial, details of which will be announced following the new servers launch on Wednesday.